Private Planet

Corporate Plunder and the Fight Back

by David Cromwell

Publication date: July 2001
Pages: 256


ISBN:1897766629 Paperback
Price: £9.72

“The question is… what we need to do in order to achieve a fairer and more sustainable future.” Barry Coates, director of the World Development Movement

Book Description

Climate scientist and green activist David Cromwell examines how and why the forces of globalization are opposing ecological sustainability, human rights, and social justice, and draws on examples from around the world to show what we can do to reverse the process. He makes the point that centralized state and corporate power is vulnerable to significant grassroots awareness and activism. There is ample cause for hope and cautious optimism.

John Pilger, journalist and documentary filmmaker:

‘The fightback against the inequalities of globalisation has begun in earnest. David Cromwell’s book provides us with a powerful weapon of words that is both incisive and encouraging.’

Dr Caroline Lucas, Green MEP:

‘World trade rules have to be changed – it’s that simple. David Cromwell has done us all a favour by revealing the sustainable alternatives and citizen resistance that rarely get reported in the media. Private Planet is compelling, warm-hearted and ultimately hopeful.’

Andy Rowell, author of Green Backlash:

‘Cool-headed, clear, compelling. Read Private Planet if you want to be able to read between the lines of political and corporate rhetoric.’

Barry Coates, director of the World Development Movement:

‘The question is not whether globalisation is creating massive social and environmental damage – it is – but what we need to do in order to achieve a fairer and more sustainable future. Private Planet makes a provocative and important contribution to the development of alternatives.’

New Internationalist magazine:

‘Written in fluent, unpretentious prose, Private Planet is the best summary so far of corporate globalization and the urgent reasons there are to resist it. Anyone who wants to catch up and join in should start here.’

The Scotsman:

‘Cromwell makes his case with cogency and force.’

Zac Goldsmith, editor of The Ecologist:

‘[A] compelling book… Private Planet covers a lot of ground and, having read it, you probably won’t take mainstream news at face value ever again… Read this book and empower yourself.’

Patrick Nicholson, Scientists for Global Responsibility:

‘As I began reading this book I found myself making comparisons with George Monbiot’s Captive State. The two books deal with similar themes, but David Cromwell’s offering is a broader and more ambitious attempt to address globalisation in the worldwide context. I have to say that I found Private Planet both a more useful and a more enjoyable read.’

Malcom Aitken, Greenevents:

‘A comprehensive and fluent polemic that will prove invaluable to anyone wanting to understand globalisation.’