Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions

by David Edwards

Publication date: April 2000
Pages: 256


ISBN:1870098889 Paperback
Price: £10.95

Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions

“Often raw and uncompromising, but it is precisely this quality that lifts it above the familiar blend of green bland and blather.” – Jonathon Porritt

“This is Namaste’s book of the year. Why? Because this is a book that urges the reader to look at the world from a wider perspective. Although written in 1993, everything about which the author has written is so relevant today. It is full of wisdom that does not rely on other people’s research. . . . This book shows all of us ways in which we can change, by questioning how we live and think.” ? Namaste Magazine

Building on the work of writers such as Chomsky and Herman, David Edwards shows how the propaganda system distorts our understanding of political, personal and spiritual issues, ensuring that we remain passive, conformist, confused and uninformed – and willing to accept the irrational values of corporate consumerism. He argues that we need to master the arts of ‘intellectual self-defence’, in order to become able to challenge the ‘necessary illusions’ of a system that subordinates people and planet to the drive for profit.