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Osho on 'responsibility towards the motherland'

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Post Post subject: Osho on 'responsibility towards the motherland' Reply with quote

'In my final years in the university, in India a law was imposed on all the university students that everybody had to take army training. I went to the vice-chancellor and said, ”I cannot follow this law. If there is any punishment I am ready for it.”

'He said, ”No, there is no punishment but they have created trouble: if you don’t bring the certificate from the army office that you have been attending their courses regularly then we cannot give you the certificate. Their clearance is needed first.”

'So I said, ”I won’t ask for the certificate.”

”But,” he said to me, ”you have a responsibility towards the motherland.”

'I said, ”Don’t talk nonsense to me. The whole earth is mine so why should I have responsibility only to this small piece of land? And on what grounds have you divided it? Who are you to divide the earth into lands and then impose the idea of responsibility? l am responsible towards existence. I am not responsible to any nation, to any political division. And I am going to fight for it – if you don’t give me the certificate I will go up to the supreme court to fight for it. You cannot impose on me any army training, because I don’t want to kill anybody. I would prefer to be killed – there is no problem in it – but I don’t want to kill anybody, and I don’t want any training of this kind.”

'He understood that it was going to be tough and I some trouble for him. So he said, ”Don’t be worried I will talk to the colonel in the army and I will manage somehow to get a clearance for you.”

'I said, ”That is your business. You have to give me the certificate, otherwise I go to the court. I don’t have any responsibility for any piece of land. And you have to prove on what grounds and on what authority I have any responsibility to any part of the land. Just a few years before I was responsible to the land which is now Pakistan. Now I am not responsible to it. It was my mother country; now it no longer is. Bangladesh was my responsibility; now it no longer is. So what guarantee is there? – I may die for this land, and tomorrow it may not even be my motherland?

'”You first give me a clear-cut idea of what my motherland is – because I have seen before my eyes part of the country become Pakistan. It is no longer my motherland, it is an enemy country, and this whole training is for nothing but to fight with Pakistan. Bangladesh was my part of the country, now this whole training is to fight with Bangladesh. Tomorrow perhaps Punjab will become an independent country, then it is no longer my motherland.

'”So what kind of mother is this? – hands, head, legs go on disappearing, and to whatsoever remains I am still responsible. My responsibility does not reduce with my mother reducing continually. At least that much freedom should be given to me: as much as you reduce my mother....”

'He managed something with the army. He gave me a certificate and he said, ”You keep it to yourself because if you spread this thing then other students will create trouble. For one I can manage but for everybody I cannot manage. And I know you are right.”

'The land is simply land. Either the whole earth is our mother or no land is our mother. Countries go on being born and disappearing – just political games, chess.' (Osho)
Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:15 pm
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