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Oppose E.U "Big Pharma" Ban on Herbal Medicines!

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Post Post subject: Oppose E.U "Big Pharma" Ban on Herbal Medicines! Reply with quote
Links to petition:

"This is without question the most aggregious example of the rampant global corporatist state. Big Pharma is literally trying to OUTLAW all herbal medicines, many of which have been used successfully and safely for THOUSANDS of YEARS.

The entire world needs to respond to this becasue trust me, if they got it done in Europe, America is next!

The most important thing is publicity. This needs to be challenged in court.. Eric" From ConspirealityTV, go to:

"Free The Weed

Go to

I mean what nonsense?! How can you tell people marijuana causes psychosis (and criminalise it) at the same time as prescribing it? It may be true that badly bred marijuana causes psychosis, this is not a reason to ban it, it is a reason to improve and increase research into this amazing organism; as what we are discovering about marjuana's remarkable "reflective capabilities" (clumsy phraseology I know and probably better expressed in many other languages, languages which have -unfortunately- been ground under the Anglo-Saxon jackboot), is far more valuable to society than are the social consequences of what is basically a paranoid and hypocritical attitude towards the plant.
Just think, how many of The World's; economic, political, environmental and social problems would be solved if we legalised the recreational and medicinal use of; opium, coca (in it's natural state) and marijuana and re-assessed our attitude towards entheogenic ( -Edit 30/12/10-), medicine* generally?

*"Bunkum!" You say? Not as "Bunkum" as saying "Homeopathy?! Vibrational Medicine?! Impossible! Why? Of-course it's impossible we don't know how it can happen! In any case there is no evidence that such processes as "the memory of water" exist!"* go to .

*I paraphrase only slightly remarks made by a Swiss doctor on "The Radio5 Live Breakfast Show" some years ago.

In recent years The British Army has burnt it's largest ever single haul of Afghani hashish (some 250 tons -approx-).
16 Ounces per Pound, 2240 Pounds per Ton 250 times is 8,960,000 Ounces. If sold on the street at a very resonable 100/ounce one can see that the total value of the haul is Eight Hundred and Ninety Six Million Pounds.*
The U.K government then paid the Afghani farmers for the pleasure of burning it all in one go. This harvest could provide revenue both to us and to them (if we can prove capable of doing business like human beings and not like imperialist aggressors). People are dying in Afghanistan, for what? So that corrupt politicians, doctors, lawyers and others can perpetuate the myth that by keeping many entheogens, herbs, fungi and other non-synthetic substances illegal we are somehow battling social evils (a "society" which on other occasions our "lassiez-faire" administration claims doesn't exist" ............... "), instead of revealling what the persuance of this policy really means to them in financial terms?

*896,000,000 is the basic market value, the secondary and tertiary financial benefits to the economy would obviously be considerable." From "For Welfare to Work" by Williamtheb (go to )

According to quote; "These remedies are cheap, effective and a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. Obama recently signed an executive order doing the same thing in the USA." Go to

At a time when the health of the global population is threatened by a serious pandemic can we really tolerate the response simply to be another money making exercise on behalf of the Social Darwinists?

A Non-Pharmaceutical Response to A.I.D.S
This is a patented formulation of plant sterols and sterolins, which has been investigated in an open clinical trial at Tygerberg University by Prof P Bouic. This trial involved 135+ HIV-positive patients who took Moducare over a six-year period. Sterols and sterolins are plant fats that are present in all plant foods, particularly nuts, seeds, legumes and potatoes. The sterols and sterolins present in Moducare are extracted from pine oil. Moducare is not made from the African Potato as is commonly believed. It is therefore not a traditional medicine but a type of nutritional supplement. The results of this trial suggest that Moducare has potential as an immune support treatment and could help to delay the progress of HIV disease to AIDS. A placebo-controlled Phase III trial needs to be done before any proper conclusions can be drawn as to its effectiveness." From
Also go to

(also follow @Williamtheb)

Quote: "Leticia's Amazing Story
About nine years ago, at the age of 58, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She underwent radiation therapy and received localized cobalt treatment inserted into her cervix. This made her extremely weak and sick. After two weeks of the treatments, Leticia decided she would rather die than undergo that horrible torture. Doctors gave her six months to live.

Resolving to do her best to fight the cancer, Leticia made whatever lifestyle improvements she could, becoming a vegetarian as well as endeavoring to purify her existence through meditation. After a year, the cancer had not advanced; however, she continued to feel sick and was always weak. Then a friend recommended a Chinese doctor, who told her about a Chinese herb, jiaogulan, which was known for helping cancer patients. He sent her a jiaogulan plant with his wife, who was visiting Thailand. Leticia grew the herb and made a tea from the dried leaves. The tea gave her energy and allowed her to sleep well. Gradually and steadily she regained her health. She is now sixty-five years old, healthy, happy, beautiful, and enjoying her grandchildren. She feels that without jiaogulan she would certainly be dead.

As a result of her experience with jiaogulan tea, she has expanded her pesticide-free, herb-growing capabilities to create a company that serves customers around the world with a pleasant tasting medicinal herb tea." From

With herbs like jiaogulan no longer available to the "global immune system" how long do you imagine it might take for the planet to succumb to the pandemic?

Empowering the Market

If the market truly were "free" this legislation would cause no ripples in society's (if you believe in such a thing), pond. Surely if you have a "National Health Service" it (at least), should treat all practitioners and practices equally? This means equality of investment and research funding, quote:
"Hamid ....... is a remarkable man who was granted a remarkable grant by the Iranian authorities (remarkable because I am sure that a British national studying here might easily have a considerable amount of difficulty obtaining funds for same) to study energy medicine at Southampton University at doctorate level. This meant in practice that he was doing his own research." From "What's that Coming Over The Hill?" by Williamtheb.
The opportunity to "carpet bag" patents for pharmaceuticals based on (previously legal), banned herbs that this legislation represents must surely be a (if not the), motivating factor for it's support by many in the industry.
Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:41 am
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