Review In Scotland On Sunday


David Edwards and David Cromwell

Pluto Press, £14.99

Do you read the publishers’ names above this round-up? In this case
it’s worth noticing Pluto Press, a crusading, left-leaning independent
publisher, and commend its bravery for publishing this. Edwards and
Cromwell are behind Media Lens, a website devoted to scrutinising
media activities, and this fine study exposes many subtle forgettings,
half-truths and outright lies in the reporting of some of the world’s
recent conflicts. It’s not a conspiracy, but a more sapping form of
lethargy they uncover; and their analyses of why some parts of the
media might skate over rather than dig deep is troubling. Who guards
the guards, as the saying goes. Nevertheless, I wish they’d had a
chapter on Michael Moore’s fumbling with facts.