BBC Contacts

General complaints to the BBC can be submitted via this form:

A list of BBC news editors and journalists can be found here:


A selection is given below:

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC news

Peter Horrocks, Head of BBC TV News

Richard Sambrook, Director of the World Service and Global News

Malcolm Balen, Senior Editorial Adviser (Middle East)

Craig Oliver, Editor, Ten O'Clock News, BBC1

Mark Popescu, Editor, BBC News 24

Peter Rippon, Editor, Newsnight, BBC 2

Ceri Thomas, Editor, Today Programme, Radio 4 ;

Jo Carr , Editor, PM Programme, Radio4

Steve Herrmann, Editor, News Online

John Humphrys, Presenter, Today Programme, Radio 4

Andrew Marr, Political Editor

Sarah Montague, Presenter, Today Programme, Radio 4

James Naughtie, Presenter, Today Programme, Radio 4

James Reynolds, Correspondent

John Sweeney, Correspondent

Mike Wooldridge, World Affairs Correspondent