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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

At present, those working on Media Lens are:

David portrait David Cromwell: Editor   
Born in Glasgow in 1962; studied natural philosophy and astronomy, then a PhD in solar physics; spell with Shell in the Netherlands, then a research position in oceanography in Southampton; left in 2010 to work full-time on Media Lens; author of Why Are We The Good Guys? (Zero Books, 2012); co-author, with David Edwards, of two Media Lens books: Guardians of Power(Pluto Books, 2006) and Newspeak In the 21st Century (Pluto Books, 2009); author of Private Planet (Jon Carpenter Publishing, 2001); co-editor, with Mark Levene, of Surviving Climate Change (Pluto Books, 2007).
david edwards

David Edwards: Editor 

articles published in The Independent, The Times, Red Pepper, New Internationalist, Z Magazine, The Ecologist, Resurgence, The Big Issue; monthly ZNet commentator; author of Free To Be Human - Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions (Green Books, 1995) published in the United States as Burning All Illusions (South End Press, 1996: www.southendpress.org), and The Compassionate Revolution - Radical Politics and Buddhism (1998, Green Books).
olly maw Olly Maw: Webmaster
webmaster@medialens.org | www.om-web.co.uk | www.subgiant.co.uk
ethically inspired web designer working as a freelancer and musician with the band subgiant.

Media Lens is grateful to all the individual donors who support us. We are entirely reliant on you; we have no other sources of funding.

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