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David Traynier

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Post Post subject: BBC "OFFENDS" FOLLOWERS OF KILROY Reply with quote


The Director General of the BBC has been plunged into controversy after making offensive remarks in a national newspaper about the followers of Robert Kilroy Silk.

Equal rights for the orange skinned!

In an article defending the BBC's decision to suspend the 'Kilroy' programme, Greg Dyke said of the show's fans that "they are nothing but a useless bunch of students, housewives and working class dole scum. They contribute very little to Western civilisation and the BBC owes them nothing."

The article immediately drew criticism from the National Union of Students. A spokesperson told us: "These comments are highly inflammatory and typify the kind of ignorance that our members are confronted with every day. To my knowledge, very few students actually watch the Kilroy show, in fact most of them have trouble getting out of bed in time to watch the last few minutes of Des and Mel."

"different beliefs"

Mr Dyke's article has seriously damaged the reputation of the BBC, which now faces accusations that it is intolerant to those with different beliefs. Kilroyism is thought to be one of Britain's fastest growing religions, attracting well over a million devotees. The faith dates back to 1986 when its founder made his historic journey from Westminster to Television Centre and began preaching to the poor, the sick and people bunking off work with a hangover. According to Dr Hugo Z Hackenbush, an expert in cultural studies, Kilroyism is much maligned but little understood. "These people are a peaceful crowd and are considerably less violent than the followers of Jerry, Rikki or even Trisha. Devotees are expected to take care of themselves, sit for an hour a day facing the television and spend the Sabbath reading their master's word in the Sunday Express."


Mr Dyke claims that he was misquoted and that he had only meant to criticise the programme's presenter rather than its fans. "It's a most unfortunate error, for which my secretary must alas take the blame. In my, that is her, defence, however, I must say that I do believe I, er she, was merely articulating what most British people privately think, namely that Robert Kilroy Silk is a vain, overpaid, self-righteous w*nker."

Mr Kilroy Silk told us that he plans to fight his ground and will probably seek advice from the Commission for Racial Equality. Their chairman Trevor Phillips welcomed the idea, "If Robert believes that he has been unfairly targeted then we would be more than happy to take up his case. After all, the CRE exists to defend the rights of all citizens, regardless of whether their skin colour is black, white or even orange."

(No, I didn't write it -more likely The Onion -DT)
Mon Jan 19, 2004 3:30 pm
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