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Wonderfull letter - The Herald 8 Sept 04 - Terrorism

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Vinegar Tom

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Post Post subject: Wonderfull letter - The Herald 8 Sept 04 - Terrorism Reply with quote

This letter deserves preservation for the inspiration it provides

"The first step to take against global terrorism
William Bonnar makes excellent points about the nature of terrorism (Letters, September 7). Examples such as Britain's Good Friday agreement, and the eventual succession of Mandela's ANC as the elected rulers of South Africa, show that the political aspect of a terrorist group is the one most likely to achieve progress. Any progress towards countering terrorism, and a cessation of terror, is made through dialogue with this political aspect, and this is as true with Chechnya, as with Palestine, as with al Qaeda.
Contrast this with the method of "war on terror", promoted by the neo-cons of the Bush, Blair, Sharon and Putin administrations. It has no future other than an escalation of hostilities. No resolution of conflict can be envisaged. More inhumanity, death and bloodshed is the only possible future we face if we continue along this road. Bush doctrine after 9/11 makes no sense ie, action against nation states to counter a threat that has no specific national identity or base.
It may even be considered that they do not actually seek an end to the war on terror. Not if Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney continue to make money at the expense of the US and British taxpayer. Those who gain from an escalation of this kind of action against terrorism are companies who win oil, military and security/reconstruction contracts. Those who pay the cost are people who are killed in a futile war on terror, be it in Iraq or elsewhere.
The first step in taking effective action against global terrorism is to remove from power any politicians who lead us to an obvious escalation of terrorist violence and destruction."
David McCloy, 25 Glebe St, Kirkcaldy

( I have taken the polite step of changing Mr McCloy's adress before broadcasting it over the interweb )
Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:02 pm
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