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Letter to Aaronovitch

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David Bracewell

Joined: 14 Jan 2004
Posts: 41

Post Post subject: Letter to Aaronovitch Reply with quote

Re: Dignity and defiance by David Aaronovitch - the demonstration of millions of Spaniards after the AQ terrorist attacks.,6903,1168846,00.html

Dear David, thanks so much for the article. It was nice to see we agree on things - finally eh ? Smile

We agree (I must say I'm tingling at the thought of us agreeing) that the expression of grief by Spanish demonstrators was 'a great ritual of democracy'.

We agree that the death of two hundred people by the hands of a group of violent people who account to nobody was ineffably disgusting.

We agree that the idea of 'one mans terrorist is another man's freedom fighter' is guff - that it leads to the worst expressions of "the relativism argument".

We agree that "Peaceful civil rights agitation would have achieved as much change inside a decade, and with no one dead"

I must say, to see this turnaround in you is an enormous source of joy for me. Thanks!

The four principles drawn - of vast numbers of demonstrators being a 'great ritual of democracy'; of violence being inflicted by 'terrorists' as disgusitng and illegitimate ; of "relativism" regarding violence being illegitimate (if you say there are no 'freedom fighters', who am I to disagree?); of there always being ways to find 'peace' through peaceful agitation of the populace, not of externally imposed violence.

I look forward to your article repudiating your words about the massive anti-war demonstrations in London last year ; your inflamed rage at the US and UK killing of 10,000 people or more, plus the sense that a tear is coming from your eyes, as it seems to with the 200 Spanish dead; of your declaration that in rejecting 'relativism' you have come to see the UK and the USA not as 'freedom fighters' (the reason in the post-war stage that you said drove you - although your own pre-war articles really tell a different story); and of your newfound belief that violence in Iraq could have been avoided if we had resorted to peaceful means and not through massive use of force.

I must say, I believe in you David and am looking forward to this article. The universal principles you've flushed out simply leave you the most wonderful article to write. Don't forget to do this otherwise people may mistakenly take you for a hypocrite, and we wouldn't want that. Wink

Kind regards

David Bracewell

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Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:54 am
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David Bracewell

Joined: 14 Jan 2004
Posts: 41

Post Post subject: Spain throws the bums out Reply with quote

Follow up letter 3 hours later to David Aaronovitch -

Hi David, more good news! Don't know if you've heard - it seems the Spanish government has fallen beneath the wrath of dignified, defiant Spaniards, who, like us, have understood that 'terrorist violence', particularly from ones own government and in the face of overwhelming opposition, will not be tolerated. They have indeed shown us a lesson in democracy! They, like you and me, have understood that their government was not a 'freedom' fighter' (what sordid relativism eh Smile ) but a terrorist entity; that peaceful change could and does take place.

Good smiling gods, all four of your principles have come together in a most auspicious fashion.

Cheers and thanks ever so much for your elucidation. Wish I were there in London. We could have had a beer together and toast the coming downfall of the next terrorist organisation - the British labour government. Smile


David Bracewell
Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:21 am
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Joined: 14 May 2004
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Location: Canary Islands

Post Post subject: Reply with quote

Yet, on the whole, the objective of Irish terrorists was not the mass killing of civilians. After 11 died and 63 were wounded in the 1987 Enniskillen bomb, the IRA apologised for a mission that had 'gone wrong'.

Maybe Mr Aaronowich could define what was the objective of the Irish "terrorists" in his next article.
Sat May 15, 2004 3:13 am
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