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"The silliness of all this old 9/11 and OBL stuff"

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Rhisiart Gwilym

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Post Post subject: "The silliness of all this old 9/11 and OBL stuff" Reply with quote

In the matter of the explosives in the three WTC buildings: The logic is remorseless, and inescapable:

* All three were controlled demolitions, slightly different versions of implosion in each case. Pretty certainly they were all under line-of-sight, real-time control. The possibility of denying this interpretation of the public-domain videos of the demolitions and of the great mass of detailed witness-testimony, also videoed, has slowly ebbed to zero as the courageous community of principled volunteer professionals in engineering, physics, architecture, and other associated professions, including -- yes -- controlled demolition and explosive-techniques, have carried forward a long, methodical work-programme of research and analysis of the available evidence.

* This demolition preparation work cannot -- repeat can not! -- be done hastily, on the run by foreign amateur guerrillas sneaking into a building without permission. Both the preliminary assessment of the building, and the subsequent placing of the cutting charges, and the determination of their detonation sequence is a high professional skill, a sort of blend of engineering and artistry, at which only a small global community of experienced veteran professionals are adequately qualified. Moreover, the actual installation work is a light-industrial process, requiring for each building several pallet-loads of highly-sophisticated nano-thermitic (in these three cases) cutter-charges, and associated hitech radio-control equipment and detonation devices. Such work absolutely required access to the three buildings for a team of technicians, for a substantial period, with some people in positions of authority amongst the owners and controllers of the buildings facilitating this access. These controllers might have believed that they were permitting routine maintenance and upgrading access to the phone system and the elevators, or they may have known or suspected more, but some few somewhere amongst the powerful USAmericans who had influence, direct or indirect, over those buildings made the essential access available to the demolition team. In the real world, there's no other way that the buildings could have been prepared for the controlled demolitions which they subsequently underwent -- demolitions quite cold-bloodedly triggered by the controlling operatives, who could not have helped knowing that there were several thousand innocent victims still inside the buildings as they committed them to total finely-pulverised destruction within seconds.

* If the WTC attacks were inside jobs -- as by now there's no sane, reasonable doubt amongst properly-informed, open-minded students of the evidence that they were -- then how could the other attacks not have been part of the same scam? This is by far the most credible -- I'd opine the only credible -- hypothesis about the attacks. All the bodies of evidence about the other attacks, outside NYC, fall into credible harmony on this hypothesis, where no other explanatory hypothesis can make complete sense of all the established circumstances and evidence at all.

* All the official 'explanations' -- Kean, FEMA, NIST -- about what happened (the second and third of which shifted ground repeatedly during their production) were unmistakably politically-steered to produce absolutely non-credible, scientifically-indefensible, and borderline-criminal results, to fit with the official story about what happened -- whichever version was currently in favour at the time. Much of the alleged evidence and reasoning behind these wholly naff reports (which have been repudiated subsequently even by some of the more principled participants) is still held out of public access, allegedly for reasons of 'national security'.

And so it goes. Eventually, the weight of all these separate strands, hanging most convincingly together under the inside-job explanation, just obliges any intellectually-honest onlooker (with no axe to grind) to conclude that the atrocities were the work of a clique of persons unknown (though there are several persuasive prime suspects) of USAmerican nationality; and powerful ones at that.

And why is this still so sharply pertinent today, eleven years on? And why is the death of Osama bin Laden so relevant?

These two spectacular frauds are just two of the most audacious strokes -- perhaps the two most audacious of all for their sheer massive deceitfulness -- of a long sequence of SCADs (State Crimes Against Democracy) which have been perpetrated in recent decades by the real powerholders in the US -- the small, special-interest minority class who I prefer to call by their accurate, most descriptive name: the Gangsters-In-Charge, otherwise the gics.

Collectively, this class is not numerous, nor in any sense monolithic. Nor, crucially, are they all-seeing, all-knowing, full of a machiavellian cunning over and above the rest of us -- except perhaps in their own fantasies; just ordinary standard-issue naked apes like everyone else, under the skin. In fact it's more realistic to see them as an anarchic collection of factions, alliances, local cliques and famiglie, and so on, in shifting alignments, according to their perceived material interests, and often at considerable, venomous loggerheads with each other, sometimes even in a subdued state of outright strife -- exactly as you'd expect crime famiglie* to be who have no absolutely established, absolutely all-powerful capo-di-tutti-capi, with a loyal, reliable and overwhelming power-base, ruling effectively over them all.

On the contrary, several insightful, beyond-the-Pale commentators in the US presently see powerful centripetal forces within the federal entity, which are very likely to bring about its fragmentation into quite separated, possibly even warring parts, as the disintegration of the US empire progresses, particularly after the decisive defeat of US military might which seems increasingly certain to be delivered by some opponent before very long now. (On this head, see in particular the fictionalised five-part speculative narrative of just such a near-future debacle, titled 'How It Could Happen' by John Michael Greer, starting 3OCT12, and continuing on the following four Wednesdays: Whatever you do, don't miss the subsequent discussions, in the Comments sections of each episode, between John Michael and his followers; highly insightful and instructive in their own right, quite apart from the fictionalised story itself.)

A whole string of other commentators, not all of them USAmericans, are also predicting some degree of shrinkage and/or outright fission within the US proper (as I'm always inclined to point out to scoffers: just like the USSR undeniably did, only worse), sometime in the next decade or so; details strictly unpredictable, but the overall tendency much more foreseeable.

The current US gic-class has no particular monolithic unity, so that the SCADS which include at their hither end the 9/11 atrocities, and the faked killing of (the already dead) OBL, as very large propaganda strokes (globally-large in their effects on public perception, but in particular amongst the highly media-bamboozled publics of USuk), are not supposed nor even likely to be the work of more than one faction amongst the many of the US gic-class. They may not even both be by the same alignment of plotters.

The vital point, though, for realistically-minded students of realpolitik/Deep Politics/SCADS is to be aware that these dark forces do operate, often quite masterfully, though never omnipotently, behind the masquerade of above-ground, visible politics. In the present time of global crises tripping over each other, and the uniquely Interesting Times to which they are the introduction, it's simply naive not to understand how this realpolitik operates. Such understanding couldn't be more sharply pertinent, nor more acutely current.


* These freebooteries of gangsters are not necessarily cartoon lookalikes of the Italianate fictional memes put into our minds by the Hollywood fantasy machine. Commonly, they should be thought of as simply people in business, sailing as close to the wind of illegality as seems prudent, sometimes crossing the line when it seems necessary and the chances of getting away with it are good, but essentially agnostic about the law. The bigger the business, the more money that's risked and that stands to be made, the more ruthless and the more willing to ignore legality will be the operators. But essentially, this is the bigbiz class. Their continuity with frank crime syndicates is seamless. But the canniest operators always know that staying within law as far as possible, and keeping bought and paid-for politicians as their front-men and gophers, is the craftiest way to do their stuff.

But, when you consider the dictionary definition of the word, gangsters is the right description; and big-time, world-premier-league, always sociopathic, and frequently psychopathic gangsters at that. The US has no particular monopoly at all on such gangsters; it just happens to be the base of their biggest current crime machine at this time in history.
Rhisiart Gwilym
Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:14 pm
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