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Massacre comparable to Me Lai in UK Sector of Kosovo

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Neil C

Post Post subject: Massacre comparable to Me Lai in UK Sector of Kosovo Reply with quote

This is a letter I sent to my MP a couple of years ago:
Ann McKechin MP
House of Commons
Dear Mrs Mckechin
I am writing to you to ask you to take a stand on a matter of human rights.
I was present at your hustings meeting when you said that as a matter of principle you were still opposed to nuclear weapons.
I hope you will be equally opposed to genocide. In the last 2 1/3 years the KLA in Kossovo have been permitted to murder & disappear over 4000 non-Albanians. They have also dealt similarly with an unknown number of Albanians of a more democratic persuasion. I am enclosing various documents explaining what is going on but I would urge you, if you have any doubts about what I am writing, to check WWW-EMPERORS-CLOTHES.COM or the book TO KILL A NATION by Michael Parenti & whatever other sources you trust. I advise you I have yet to find anybody from Mr Blair down who can point to any matter of fact on which I am wrong.
The genocide in Krajina is continuing every day (& has now been allowed to spread to Macedonia). Apart from the deaths the situation in Macedonia is particularly dangerous since Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia & Albania all have ethnic interests there for which they have historically been prepared to fight, in any possible combination. NATO’s behaviour here shows their crass refusal to accept any responsibility for their actions.
In particular I am asking you to ask the government how the investigation into the Dragodan massacre is proceeding. I have enclosed details of the discovery of the mass grave there, which is in the British sector. This makes it not only easily the largest mass grave found in Kossovo but also the second biggest single murder enquiry in contemporary British history, after Lockerbie. Or at least the largest single murder to be enquired into. I would like to think an enquiry is going on. Since the NATO appointed local “police” are virtually exclusively drawn from the ranks of the KLA I doubt they will be active.
In 1995 I wrote to your predecessor Mrs Fyfe asking her to register some disapproval of the Krajina holocaust then taking place. She wrote back to me effectively stating her approval of Tudjman & his Croatian Nazis. The reason she gave for this was because of the story of 60,000/30,000 women being held in rape camps. Mrs Fyfe was, of course, either aware that this story was a complete & deliberate lie, or was unconcerned about the truth.
Nonetheless, while intellectually it is difficult to say that genocide is less objectionable than rape I do acknowledge that, on a deep level, sexual slavery is particularly repugnant. For that reason I would like to draw your attention to the article quoting the Royal Greenjackets Major Plummer. The KLA’s practice of abducting schoolgirls to sell into sexual slavery is repugnant. The fact that their victims are Albanian does not affect the moral question although it does prove that any claim to be a genuine liberation movement is a lie. The fact that NATO leaders, including Mr Blair are winking at this proves that at no time were NATO honestly engaged in “humanitarian bombing”.

Shortly after I got a reply from junior FO minister David McShane saying that so far 210 bodies had been found at Dragodan, that at least some of them were Serbs who had been alive when Nato took over & that these 210 bodies were not being counted legally as a mass grave but as 210 single graves in the same place & that it was all the fault of Milosevic anyway. Ms McKechin added a covering letter saying she I was pleased! I wrote back:

Dear Mr McShane
I thank you for yours of 12th Nov sent to me by Ann McKechin. Your reply implies (though it does not specifically confirm) that the victims in this, which I had thought to be easily the largest mass grave in Kossovo, were victims of Nato’s allies the KLA operating under Nato command authority. This is assuming that the Serbs were not ethnically cleansing Serbs or that the Albanian victims were among the large number of Albanians killed by your KLA friends for belonging to political parties, protesting against such actions by your friends as the kidnapping & selling of schoolgirls or losing what among your friends passes for political debate.
Do you wish to repudiate your response? I take it some of the victims relatives say they were alive at the start of the occupation.
Since you did not answer the first time I would like to know how the criminal investigation is going on. Since this is (only just) the second biggest murder case in contemporary British history, after Lockerbie. How many British police officers are assigned to it full time?
You say that in Natospeak this is not a “mass grave” although since it is unquestionably a mass of human bodies buried together for those of us who speak normal English it is a mass grave. This leads to 3 obvious questions. Firstly in what other statements are you using Natospeak in a way likely to mislead someone used to English. Secondly, how many other similar mass graves but not “mass graves” filled under British or other Nato command authority are there. Thirdly, since Nato normally claims 2 bodies as constituting a “mass grave” what precisely is the Natospeak definition of the term?
I very much regret that you have not been able to dispute that the KLA, under British government authority are being allowed to sell schoolgirls into slavery. Can you make any undertaking whatsoever that at any point the current government will find it useful to act with full strength against this practice? I personally regret that the British government no longer subscribes to the pre-Victorian values of William Wilberforce.
I note that you do not dispute the accuracy of my allegations except insofar as I was unaware of the full extent of this act of genocide.
In your reference to Macedonia you say that you are encouraging talks between “all legitimate” parties. The leader of the allegedly disarmed KLA’s invasion of Macedonia launched from Nato controlled Kossovo was, at the time, a serving officer in Nato’s locally recruited police force, officially “on holiday”. Does this qualify him as a “legitimate party”.
In your hand written addendum to your letter you referred to this genocide as being the fault of the “Milosovic Era”. There are people who hold the Jews responsible for the Jewish Holocaust. These people are normally referred to as Nazis. This act took place under the Nato Era. To blame the leader of the victims for their own murder is similarly racist. On reflection you may wish to apologise for this remark

Neither Labour MP has replied to this, neither has at any time raised any objection to their role in genocide, ethnic cleansing & child sex slavery & of course our media are still censoring the subject. No arrests in the Dragodan Massacre "investigation" have been announced.
Mon Feb 23, 2004 1:45 am
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