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Independent refuses to run Amnesty 's reply to Dejevsky

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joe emersberger

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Post Post subject: Independent refuses to run Amnesty 's reply to Dejevsky Reply with quote

Subject Will this letter by Amnesty International be printed?

Letters to the editor
The Independent

Tuesday 7 September 2010


In labelling France’s Roma “parasites” Mary Dejevsky has made a deeply unpleasant and inflammatory remark in a context of official French pronouncements that already appear to stigmatise Roma and Travellers (Sarkozy is right about the Roma, 3 Sept).

President Nicolas Sarkozy himself has reportedly referred to Roma camps as “sources” of criminality, suggesting that child exploitation and prostitution are involved.

Statements linking entire communities to alleged criminality are extremely regrettable and run the risk of adding to existing discrimination against France’s Roma and Traveller communities.

Rather than indulging in “tough” rhetoric, heavy-handed evictions and dubious “voluntary repatriation” schemes, the French authorities should be working to fight anti-Roma discrimination and ensure l’égalité for everyone in the country.

Yours faithfully,

Tim Hancock
Campaigns Director
Amnesty International UK

In a message dated 14/09/2010 7:46:34 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

No, I'm afraid this one didn't make it, but thank you for writing.
Best wishes,
Guy Keleny
letters editor


Thanks for confirming that that the Independent considers the Roma fair game.
I wonder what scale of future violence against the Roma will be required for you to rethink that position.

Joe Emersberger writes:

Excuse me? On Monday 6 September, we published two letters from readers attacking Mary Dejevsky's piece about Sarkozy and the Roma, accusing her of racism and immigrant-bashing. My decision not to publish a further letter from Amnesty does not mean that The Independent considers the Roma fair game.

Mr Emsberger, who are you? When I replied to your first email, I assumed you were from Amnesty. Now I notice that you are copying our correspondence to Medialens. What is going on?

Guy Keleny


I saw the two letters. Publishing only those two does not do justice to what is at stake and it does not reflect the outrage Dejevsky's piece generated. Had she made such vile remarks about a group in a better position to defend itself she would be out of a job. It is very revealing of the Independent's priorities that Dejevsky's remarks would slip past an editor and that responses to it were not published - especially responses by a group like Amnesty.

I am, since you asked, a reader.
I do not work for Amnesty or Medialens.
What difference does it make?
By the way. I am not a Roma.

Joe Emersberger
Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:50 pm
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