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Sunday Times spreads rumour that Aristide murdered babies

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joe emersberger

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Post Post subject: Sunday Times spreads rumour that Aristide murdered babies Reply with quote

Sunday Times
April 25, 2010
Haiti hell continues months after earthquake by AA Gill

Gill writes

"The streets were run by trucks of thugs and murderers known as the Chimères. It’s said they were paid by President Aristide, a one-time Catholic priest who was rumoured to pound live babies in a mortar and pestle to make the voodoo that kept him in power."

In the past this malicious rumour that Gill recycles was spread about So Ann - an Aristide supporter and folk singer who spent two years in jail because of allegations like these. Realizing that Aristide is fair game, Gill decides to slander him directly. Why waste an incredibly malicious rumour?

This article is like a much abbreviated version of Michael Deibert's book "Notes of the Last Teatment". Like Deibert , he tries to give his wild allegations and prejudices credibility by providing plenty of local detail and color - and minimal facts that a reader could check..There are some differences between Deibert's work and Gill's however.

1) Deibert repeats a different version of the baby killing allegation - one that accuses So Ann
2) Gill's bigotry is much more obvious. For example, Voodoo is simply offered as evidence of backwardness, whereas Deibert claims to respect it. Below are some other ignorant and racist outbursts by Gill.

"I was last in Haiti for its despairing bicentennial in 2004. It was the most frightening place I’d ever been to. I was gassed, shot at, threatened with voodoo zombies; there were bodies in the streets. I watched the army beat up students, and a lad was shot and killed in a gang fight in front of me."

The was no Haitian army in 2004 and there still isn't. It was disbanded by Aristide shortly after returning to Haiti in 1994. Note that this is the only claim Gill offers in these 3 sentences that can be checked and it is false.

"As I left, I thanked God I’d never have to come back to this black and benighted place."

"Benighted" means shrouded in moral or intellectual darkness. It applies well to Gill's article.

"Another winning top-10 fact: this is a disaster that uniquely cost more than the country is worth."

"For this sort of money they could just abandon Port-au-Prince to the dead, leave its cursed slums to the zombies."

Interesting, France is the only foreign government he accuses of being responsible for Haiti's poverty.

He closes by offering us deep insights into why young Haitian girls flirt and accuses an unnamed community leader, whom he just met, of being a criminal.
Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:05 am
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