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Letter from Dr David Halpin on ITN coverage of Gaza

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Post Post subject: Letter from Dr David Halpin on ITN coverage of Gaza Reply with quote

Reporting of Gaza shoah

ITN news - copied to Mr Gilmour and Mr Miller,

I have a close association with the people in the remnants of 'Mandate' Palestine and via the Dove and Dolphin Charity I founded with a voyage 6 years ago.  I have visited 8 times since.  My brother doctor, Khamis Elessi (who has been interviewed many times during this shoah) and I set up the Dove and Dolphin International Medical Centre.  This has not been allowed to operate because of the repeated aerial and other assassinations, invasions (the 'incursions' of the BBC), the draconian siege starting in February 2006 and much else. 

I have taught the medical students at the Islamic University, that school having opened 3 years ago.  That is now rubble.  The pretext for the erasure of a fine university was unclear; perhaps it was simply the word 'Islamic' in its title. 

In March last year my wife and I planned to enter Gaza for the charity and for other purposes.  We had to stay in Al Quds because the Israeli Occupation Force was busy killing around March 1st.  120 were laid to rest by the most advanced weapons.  Included were 57 children and one baby near term.  I could write a book about the torment which you would not read.  My wife, Susan, was taken round a special part of the university where blind students were learning and she spoke to the head of the nursing faculty.  Bomb it all.

I would have been in Gaza now but for a murderous ramming of the MV Dignity at about 05.35 on 30-12-08.  If the boat had a GRP hull all sixteen of us would have drowned.  (The FCO does not 'want to know' - but no surprise there.)

Vilnai promised a shoah - a holocaust to the people of Gaza in February 2008.  But they are used to such threats - Netanyahu - May 2006 Likud 'conference'.  'We can drive the people of Gaza into the sea, but we won't.''  Memory.

Some points:

*Ms Hilsun's broadcast was a travesty.*  I had always thought she was one of the more objective and less partisan journalists.  She spoke of the killing of ?13 Israeli soldiers (I think she used that word - and there will be many more killed than that) and 200 Hamas 'militants' (I think).  If the Third Reich had invaded our now benighted country, they would presumably have encountered 'militants'.  I note that even the UN call the Hamas guerillas 'freedom fighters'.  She made no mention of about 1000 civilian dead including 400 children ie 17 or under.  There are many more to be unearthed.

She spoke of food shortage and inferred it was recent.  She did not say there had been a draconian siege which first started 3 years ago and which had been ever tightened - in true Israeli fashion.  The truce of mid June was meant to see a loosening.  The truce was adhered to by Hamas even to the point of imprisoning Fatah adherents who had fired sporadic rockets to upset the truce.  It was kept by Hamas in spite of this breach, repeated firing on the fishermen in their quest for precious high quality protein and repeated assassinations.  There was of course no reference to malnutrition in the children and about 30% iron deficiency in the nippers and the mothers.  Of course, 'there was insufficient time'.  There never is time to tell the truth so use omission to seed the lies.

And then there was Gilad Shalit, the French-Israeli tank corporal who had been busy shelling homes around the time I was visiting.  About 70 175 mm shells were coming in per day.  She did not mention that 33 Hamas legislators had been in gaol from shortly after the scrupulous elections of February 2006, or that there are 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in the jaws of the Zionist state.  Or that about 300 children are also imprisoned.  The excellent Defence for Children International have just reported a doubling of the rate of arrest of children   Note that the lawyers are often denied access.  Report that please - special programme ' A Captive Population in the Promised Land'.   I take it that Ms Hilsun goes along with the host country's mindset that some humans are worth a good deal more than others - those of the untermenschen.

*Mr Gilmour's* broadcast was as usual, direct.  It conveyed with his words and the film the reality of the shoah - the degree of destruction and the great human suffering.  A very deep crater was shown but not its full depth.  That is probably explained by the use of a bomb with very dense ballast.  'Depleted' uranium - U238 will be looked for.  My brother doctor told me they had used deeply penetrating bombs in Rafah.  The tremors were felt very widely.

*Mr Miller's* piece was a travesty also.  I will forever remember 'Hamas' belligerent defiance'.  That sort of defiance when the child who is being run over by a Mercaver tank (one of the IOF's 3,500) and raises his fingers in a Palestinian/Churchillian V.  I know Mr Miller to be a good journalist.  I remember a report from Beit Hanoun where 27 were killed in close shelling.  He exploded the usual Israeli excuse.  His report was so clear I recommended it to Archbishop Tutu's inquiry via PCHR in Gaza.  It was not mentioned in the report.  I question therefore whether there is a damage limitation agenda.

I am writing in protest to yourselves on behalf of the people of Gaza who are always misrepresented.  Always. Start by explaining that two thirds of the people of Gaza are refugees from Palestine and that they were driven from their homes, their land and their living by terror and force of arms.  Ilan Pappe is speaking incidentally at the Steiner School tomorrow near Totnes.  Come and film him - have some facts.  He lives in the UK because his 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' is unpalatable to Israelis.

'Palestine is at the hinge of humanity' (myself) and you best report this shoah fairly.

David Halpin FRCS

0044 1364 661115

Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:43 pm
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