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Hutton Inquiry: near-irrelevant contrivance

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Letter-to-ed posted to various national media outlets including a few 'pops' (Mirror,Radio 5, Sky, Mail)

The Hutton inquiry never was anything more than a near-irrelevant, elaborate contrivance - yet another transparently fraudulent weapon of mass distraction hyped up as significant by a compromised and compliant political and media establishment that puts self-preservation and tribal, party-loyalties before concern for truth, integrity and public opinion/public anger.
Just as our mainstream media dutifully rallied behind Bush's Blair in the run-up to the Iraq war, so they are clearly equally keen to bail him out of jail now.

Conclusion? Adieu mainstream media, RIP 'old' media - long live the 'new' media and the internet-enabled quest for free speech, truth, integrity.
And thankyou America for Howard Dean's 'power to the people', anti-Iraq-war, media-slamming mini- Democratic Revolution.

In Britain though, the whole anti-democratic conspiratorial farce of the last year has, if nothing else, highlighted the urgent need to move towards the introduction of long-resisted but long-promised proportional representation at Westminster, leading eventually to a certain degree of direct democracy and direct voting on national issues.
But, sadly, the record-breaking anti-Iraq-war demonstrations of February 15th have shown that, short of a full-blown 'People's Revolt' against our self-preserving, self-serving political and media powers-that-be, real 21st century democracy is unlikely to arrive here any time soon.

Wed Jan 28, 2004 7:55 pm
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