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Mail to Charles Kennedy

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Michael Hardiman

Joined: 19 Jan 2004
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I know politicians are not our target but I could not resist.

Dear Mr Kennedy,
I mailed you last week about the unjustifiable sacking of Jenny Tongue. No doubt it has been a busy time for you and that would explain the absense of a reply.

However, after reading your article in the Independant today I have decided to mail again.

In the article you quite rightly express bemusement that a barrister (Tony Blair) should have fallen for the misinformation which led to Britain going to war. I agree. However, you also mention the reluctant support of parliament. A majority is a majority, do not allow parliament to use the word reluctance as a defence against irresponsibility now. Mr Kennedy, I am not a barrister and I simply observed the conclusions drawn by Mr Blix and looked at the information available regarding Iraq during the period of unjust sanctions and came to the conclusion by a simple path. The conclusion, that the war was based on a big lie, are born out today but with no substantial new information available that was not easily accessable before.

You claim that we must not call the PM a liar because it demeans democracy. So, knowing that Mr Blair lied, because I refuse to assume that he is so stupid that he could not see that his defense of the war was an affront simple logic, and keeping quiet about said fact defends democracy? I am amazed at this. It proves that you are willing to ignore truths also. Maybe you should look closely at yourself. Having known Mr Blair for 20 years the similarities should be glaringly apparent.

Michael Hardiman
Michael Hardiman
Wed Jan 28, 2004 3:09 pm
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