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Eel Pie's book recommendations

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Les Particules Elementaires: Michel Houellebecq.
An existential (godless) consideration of two suicidally depressed brothers, their hippie mother, their intellectual efforts and sexual deprivations. A thrillingly masculine vision with appalling implications. A decent English translation is available, but read the French, the language and meaning meld, you'll be a better person for it.

The Web of Life: Fritjof Capra
A godless, ecological world-view expressed in physics, chemistry and biology. It works right at the edge of human expression. The insight glimpsed through it is hugely enriching. Californian wisdom of this calibre almost vindicates the hideous crime of human extermination that took place there.

The Golden Bough: James George Frazer
Victorian delvings into deep mythology, written when the world still possessed nearly all its forest cover, and humanity still lived in its unconsciousness. Within a couple of generations this book will be incomprehensible to nearly all those who can still read.

The Gutenberg Galaxy: Marshall McLuhan
A Chaucer scholar idiosyncraticallly considers the transition out of books and literacy and into---something else. As important (and similarly composed to) The Outsider, by Colin Wilson. Still barely understood and reads as freshly today as in 1962 when the University of Toronto Press published it.

The Collected Poems of George Gordon, Lord Byron
This great bisexual figure of scandal, Britain's alternative to Napoleon, was the last author who could naturally write narrative verse and find a huge audience for it all over the world. Penning his lines at 3am in his palazzo in Venice, convinced he was doomed to die at age 36, he is the consummate writer.
Wed Jan 21, 2004 9:24 pm
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