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Comment@Guardian - Timothy Garton Ash - Iraqi wmds, "du

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Post Post subject: Comment@Guardian - Timothy Garton Ash - Iraqi wmds, "du Reply with quote

Dear Sir/Madam

Timothy Garton Ash writes

So, why did I believe the weapons claims? Trying to strip the answer to its essentials, I would say "because of what I heard from No 10 Downing Street and what I read in the New York Times".

In the government's dossier, Blair claimed he was convinced beyond doubt not only of the existence of BW and CW weapons but of their continued production. Strangely, none of the evidence (for lack of a better term) in the dossier makes such unambiguous claims. The question still remains, if it was not the intelligence assessments that dispelled doubts from Blair's mind, what did? And why would an intelligent observer miss this discrepancy between the PM's foreword and the rest of the dossier?

The second source of Garton Ash's belief is claimed to be the NYT, a "gold standard", which turned out to be a vehicle of propaganda. I am mystified. Did Garton Ash miss the anouncement by the BBC ([1], 20 February, 2002) that

As part of George Bush's war on terrorism, the military is thinking of planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media.

or Rumsfeld's anouncement ([2] November 18, 2002) that

And then there was the Office of Strategic Influence. You may recall that. And 'oh my goodness gracious isn't that terrible, Henny Penny the sky is going to fall.' I went down that next day and said fine, if you want to savage this thing fine I'll give you the corpse. There's the name. You can have the name, but I'm gonna keep doing every single thing that needs to be done and I have.

Many of us were not duped, precisely because we have spotted all these little clues scattered here and there. I am sure it's not because we are cleverer than Garton Ash.


Reference 1

Reference 2
Thu Mar 04, 2004 11:50 am
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