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Apache Killing Video: "He's wounded." "Hit hi

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Joined: 19 Jan 2004
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Post Post subject: Apache Killing Video: "He's wounded." "Hit hi Reply with quote

Here is something which is really crying out to be taken up by the BBC (for example), and still hasn't been.

At, there is a link to a truly shocking one-minute video film, showing three apparently unarmed men being slaughtered by cannon fire from an American Apache helicopter in Iraq:

The US news website abc also reported on the story in some detail:

Though there is talk there of the men "handling weapons", I certainly can't see anything resembling a weapon anywhere. (A signed photo of Dick Cheney to anyone who can.) These three people are completely oblivious and quite unconcerned (chatting, strolling, even skipping) until the helicopter starts firing on them. Worst of all: after hiding under a lorry and being hit nonetheless, the last victim rolls across the field, obviously severely hurt, before eventually coming to a halt. Then the following dialogue can be heard clearly on the soundtrack:

Soldier A: "He's wounded."
Soldier B: "Hit him."

(And by god, they do...)

As writes:

"The MPEG format file has been posted to several right-wing US forums, where the effectiveness of the Apache's firepower has been ***celebrated***. So far though, in spite of its graphic nature, the film does not seem to have attracted much attention from the anti-war movement."

Surely this deserves everyone's attention? In an age of sanitised warfare, it's extremely rare to find such clear, unambiguous evidence of plain bloody murder by Time Magazine's Person of the Year. (I sent an Email to the Beeb three days ago; but predictably, I've had no reaction back from them whatsoever.)
Mon Jan 19, 2004 1:28 pm
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Joined: 15 Jan 2004
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Post Post subject: Reply with quote

I am not an expert and I can view only the "mpeg"(shortened?)version of the video.
For what is worth, here's my opinion:

1)I cannot see anything resembling a weapon.

2)The men do not seem to pay attention, or be worried by the helicopter.

3)The helicopter must be no more than 500m away from the scene, which
is open space.

5)The voice sounds heavily edited and sometimes like arepeat.
In the file I watched, there is the sound of gunfire in the beginning, but
nothing happens on the ground!

4)The piece in the ABCNews is a shameful piece of crap, trying to give
legitimacy to an act of cowardly murder.

Mon Jan 19, 2004 5:00 pm
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Post Post subject: Reply with quote


Thanks for your reply.

To take your points one-by-one:

1) Nor can I.

2) Indeed. The three of them seem not even to realise that there's a helicopter anywhere in the vicinity. And if they're hardened terrorists with something to hide, why are they strolling across an open field - at a snail's pace, and unarmed - in order to chat with a tractor driver?

3) I can't judge this, as I have no idea of the range of the Apache's telescopic sights, or of its weapons. (It's also curious how steady the picture is.) The film appears to be heat-sensitive.

- Are there any technical/video hotshots out there who could analyse this thing?

4) Well, yes - but at least ABC reported it (AND provided a link), which is a lot more than the increasingly ridiculous BBC has so far managed to do.

5) It is very strange indeed that one hears gunfire at the beginning and sees no evidence of firing. What exactly is going on here?

On the website, they state: "The clip was ***cut from a longer video*** obtained by ABC News last week and verified by a senior US army official."

The Thousand Dollar Question is: If this is an excerpt cut from a longer tape, what part of the original have ABC decided *not* to show us - and why? They talk of the men unloading a cylindrical object "bigger than a rifle" (!); but in the clip, it's nowhere to be seen - why not? Surely any film of the alleged weapon would serve to exonerate the Top Guns involved? So where the hell is it, then?

Brutal bloody murderers. This film has angered me more than anything I've seen in a long time.

Viva MediaLens.



P.S. I wonder who provided the video to ABC...?
Mon Jan 19, 2004 5:35 pm
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Joined: 15 Jan 2004
Posts: 59
Location: here!

Post Post subject: Reply with quote

As it is obvious from the text in the ABC piece, the whole affair is not put in any controversial terms and it's only seen as an issue of "rules of engagement".
The viewers/readers of the video and the "analysis", are not going to question very much the essential good charecter of the Apache crew anyway.
From the video clip it is not clear if it's day or night.
The fact that the scene is viewed from the infrared thermal sight, does not necessarily mean it's night.
Most helicopters make a terrible noice and it would be impossible to miss this particular helicopter hovering at this height and distance, day or night.
So , I think the weirdest thing,(and the one that points to a random killing) is the fact that the victims act as, if they have no fear of being shot at.


P.S:Try to register first, when posting or replying to posts, otherwise you appear like "guest":
Mon Jan 19, 2004 8:38 pm
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Post Post subject: Afghanistan video Reply with quote

Well done warszawa,

I haven`t signed onto this forum properly...yet.

Have a look at the message board or medialens chat as it`s known now!

A video that has been around for a while; post title: 'More killing video; AC130 in Afghanistan'.


Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:02 pm
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Joined: 19 Jan 2004
Posts: 114
Location: Berlin

Post Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, sau. I didn't realise that you had already posted a link to this terrible video yesterday. (Today is my first day on this forum.)

Someone mentioned that he was going to post the link to his MP; a very good idea. And if the Beeb, the Guardian, the Independent or any other mainstream media outlet with even the tiniest claim to seriousness can be persuaded to notice it - all the better. (I sent the link to Neil Mackay at the Herald this evening.)

(More collateral damage in Afghanistan today, by the way:
And in December, * fifteen * children slaughtered in two separate incidents in two days. Imagine that happening in rural Ohio... we'd be hearing about it on CNN for years - and rightly so.)
Tue Jan 20, 2004 12:19 am
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