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John McMurtry: Left Gatekeepers

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Post Post subject: John McMurtry: Left Gatekeepers Reply with quote

The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State

By John McMurtry
McMurtry is professor emeritus at University of Guelph and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
He is a moral philosopher specializing in social value systems and life-value analysis.
His many articles and books have been internationally published and translated, and include multi-volume work for UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS).

"As a moral philosopher with social value systems as my primary object of analysis, my first thoughts in understanding “9-11” were of the system motives, known methods, and objective interests driving the event which could coherently explain it."

"I WAS SCEPTICAL of the 9-11 event from the first time I saw it on television. It was on every major network within minutes. All the guilty parties were declared before any evidence was shown. The first questions of any criminal investigation were erased. Who had the most compelling motives for the event? Who had the means to turn two central iconic buildings in New York into a pile of steel and a cloud of dust in seconds?"


[T]hose immediately named guilty without any forensic proof certainly fitted the need for a plausible Enemy now that the “threat of the Soviet Union” and “communist world rule” were dead.

"How else could the billion-dollar-a-day military be justified with no peace dividend amidst a corporately hollowed-out U.S. economy entering its long-term slide? [...]

“Ground Zero” is a double entendre. All doubts are erased a priori.

"Decoding the US Theatre of Wars and the Moral Driver Behind"

"One already knew that suspension of belief is the first act of fiction, and that instant culture rules the U.S. One already knew that monster technical events are America’s stock in trade. And one already knew the long history of false U.S. pretexts for war - so well established that a young strategic thinker a decade after 9-11 advises the right-wing Washington Policy Institute on how to create a crisis by deadly planned incident to make war on Iran – “it is the traditional way of getting into war for what is best in America’s interests”.[3]
[ ...]

A new strategic manifesto from the Pentagon was in preparation entitled
“Defense Planning Guidance on Post-Cold- War Strategy,” completed on February 18, 1992. 17

Prepared under the supervision of Paul Wolfowitz, then the Pentagon’s undersecretary for Policy, it was disclosed in March of 1992 by the New York Times. After the first invasion of Iraq, it became known as the Project for the New American Century, publicly released from 1997 to
2000 prior to 9-11. Again we may note the long arc of planning control, crisis and war as required. Item 6 of the strategic plan defined the agenda in general terms: “In the Middle East and Southwest Asia, our overall objective is to remain the predominant power in the region and
preserve U.S. and western access to the region’s oil.”

Oil-rich Iraq had in fact been invaded – not only to privatize its peerlessly high-quality surface oilfields but to destroy its region-leading socialist infrastructure. Iraq became accessible for invasion as the arms-bankrupted Soviet Union was in collapse. We may observe that the covertly genocidal destruction of Iraq bridged Republican and Democrat administrations over three changes of government – disclosing how the covert state operates as a moral constant across party fronts. The actions confirm and express the one supreme moral goal identified above. They bridge from Saddam himself as CIA-payroll killer and war proxy against Iran to recapture lost Iran oilfields dating from 1980 to 1988 to the fall of the USSR in 1991 as the axis of the longterm
strategic plan of global turnaround to “America’s century” still to come before and after 9-11. But between 1990 and 2003 Saddam was transmuted from former ally to aggressor against Kuwait in an invasion given an official green light from the U.S. government, to “mushroom cloud” threat with invented “weapons of mass destruction”.

In fact, National Security Adviser Wolfowitz explained after the invasion found nothing of the kind: “[We had] virtually no economic options with Iraq because the country floats on a sea of oil.”

Observe how the invasion is conceived as obligatory for a reason that expresses the supreme value goal. Observe that it occurs less than two years after 9-11, which gave the open-cheque justification for the bombing and occupation which allowed the expropriation of Iraq’s society’s oil resources.

The problem was not the evil Saddam or the “weapons of mass destruction”, the standard reverse projection , The problem was the Iraqi people themselves and their developed oil-funded social life infrastructure between the supreme oil-fields and their U.S. corporate control and privatization. 9-11 was, thus, first the justification for invading Afghanistan – to clear the way for pipelines into the former Soviet republics from the Caspian Sea region– pipelines that prompted the U.S. representative to predictively warn the Taliban: “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”19 9-11 was then the necessary basis of justification for the bombing of Baghdad for the unifying supreme objective.

In fact, seldom published in the corporate media keeping the glare of publicity away from the supreme moral objective, the publicly owned and managed oil revenues of Iraq had been invested since the 1950’s in Iraq’s advanced social infrastructure, leading the Middle East with
free higher education, high health standards, and near universal livelihood security. The world’s oldest civilisation was robust in organisational capacities long before the CIA-asset Saddam was installed.

"Despite his murdering his way to the top in this function, even Saddam could not destroy the system because socialist government had been achieved decades earlier by a powerful oil-workers’ union base and a population glad to have all education free, an efficient low-cost foods delivery system, and the most advanced public healthcare system in the Middle East. So there was not only the “sea of oil” as a motive to assert U.S. control ... .... continued at the link

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

See also "Prof Matthew Witt’s article, “Morewell than Orwell: Paramilitarization in the United States post-9/11”... which looks at the crisis of legitimation that the U.S. state faces and the way it has, since 9/11, chosen to respond to this crisis. The Occupy Wall Street movement is taken as the central example of state response and repression.

From Journal editors: "We are aware that there are other journals that attempt to deal with these issues, but with few exceptions these journals accept the official narrative of 9/11 and tend to exclude the writings of authors with a critical perspective. In our view this means that the interpretations of 9/11 developed in these journals are bound to be faulty. We want to create a space where researchers working in the humanities, such as John McMurtry, whose recent article on the moral decoding of 9/11 has drawn a good deal of attention, and Matthew Witt can write without the usual pressure to adhere to flawed accounts of 9/11. In this process we also hope that people who have not traditionally read our Journal will find themselves drawn to it and to its critical perspective on recent history."

Witt is co-editor of State Crimes Against Democracy: Political Forensics in Public Affairs (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2013). His article (pdf):

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Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:53 am
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Joined: 24 Jun 2008
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Post Post subject: Reply with quote

McMurtry: Left Gatekeepers!

In part 1 of this 3-part series, John McMurtry notes that 9/11 should be recognized as a major turning point in modern history... 'It is therefore of great importance that 9/11 be properly understood.'

McMurtry notes, left gatekeepers 'are blocking out the same things the official mainstream media and governments are blocking out which is...what in fact went on on 9/11?' The absolute falsity of the official story is undeniable, the philosopher asserts. "It's scientifically confirmable; we have evidence for it and we don't have good evidence against's a scientific hypothesis...we can regard as valid.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From Paul Craig Roberts' essay "Why Propaganda Trumps Truth":

[begin quote] "Antiwar sites do not realize that, by accepting the official 9/11 explanation, [incorporating structural implosions through the path of greatest resistance that cannot possibly be organic according to basic Newtonian physics], they have undermined their own opposition to the war. Once you accept that Muslim terrorists did it, it is difficult to oppose punishing them for the event. ... [I]f you grant the government its premise for war, it is impossible to oppose the war." [end quote]

If the general public is never allowed to see, via the media, the serious science-based critique pointing out that Al Qaeda could not have brought off three global implosions of steel structure in Manhattan, absent access to cutting edge technology, they will never see the need to oppose the war. People will keep on dying, taken out by drone bomb, bullet or societal upheaval; editors and journalists, by their silence, become complicit in the cover-up of bloody crimes and colluders in the continuation of deceptive wars.

"For a journalist, when something cannot be said, the silence is the most important story."
Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:30 pm
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Joined: 24 Jun 2008
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Post Post subject: Reply with quote

The Canadian: "Gatekeepers Muzzle The Truth"
Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:57 pm
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Joined: 24 Jun 2008
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Post Post subject: Reply with quote

Dissident Voice:
'911 and Academia: A Review' - Dr Ludwig Wertzel, Bonn
Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:08 pm
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Joined: 24 Jun 2008
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Left denial on 911 turns irrational
Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:35 am
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